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Books on anxiety Books on anxiety

Books on anxiety

71. Books on anxiety
Management of Stress and Anxiety in Medical Disorders, The
by David I. Mostofsky and David H. Barlow
Pearson Allyn & Bacon (2000)

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  72. Books on anxiety
When Going Through Hell Don't Stop: A Survivor's Guide to Overcoming Anxiety and Clinical Depression
by Douglas Bloch and Douglas G. Bloch
Pallas Communications (1999)

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73. Books on anxiety
Power over Panic: Answers for Anxiety
by Carol M. Christensen
David C. Cook Publishing Company (2003)

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  74. Books on anxiety
Overcoming Anxiety: From Short-Term Fixes to Long-Term Recovery
by Reneau Z. Peurifoy and Reneau Peuifoy
Owlet (1997)

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75. Books on anxiety
Anxiety Disorders: Psychological Approaches to Theory and Treatment
by Michelle Genevieve Craske
Westview Press (1998)

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  76. Books on anxiety
Biology of Anxiety Disorders (Progress in Psychiatry Series, No 36)
by Rudolf, M.D. Hoehn-Saric and Daniel, Ph.D. McLeod
Amer Psychiatric Pr (1993)

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77. Books on anxiety
No More Test Anxiety : Effective Steps for Taking Tests & Achieving Better Grades (1st Ed. w/ Audio CD)
by Ed Newman
Learning Skills Publications, LLC (1996)

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  78. Books on anxiety
Easing Anxiety and Stress Naturally
by Susan M. Lark and Phyllis Herman
McGraw-Hill/Contemporary Books (1999)

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79. Books on anxiety
Cognitive Therapy of Anxiety Disorders : A Practice Manual and Conceptual Guide
by Adrian Wells
John Wiley & Sons (1997)

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  80. Books on anxiety
Practitioner's Guide to Treating Fear and Anxiety in Children and Adolescents: A Cognitive-Behavioral Approach (Child Therapy Series)
by Andrew R. Eisen and Christopher A. Kearney
Jason Aronson (1995)

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Books on anxiety